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zMEET Platform

The world has transformed, and now people have remote access to almost everything, but online interactions can feel deprived of live communication and a ‘real feel’. Video conferencing, webinars, and other surrogates of communication have not solved this. The Metaverse concept has been created to address these problems - the Metaverse is a virtual world that will unite people and create a platform for them, blurring the line between the real and the virtual world.

The zMEET platform creates turnkey Metaverses and makes virtual reality closer and more accessible to everyone. The participant is not just a spectator at the event, they are just like a character in a computer game, controlling themselves, fully living the event, communicating with other participants, and having a unique experience. Metaverses from the zMEET platform are places where the fantasies of creators are embodied in reality without any frameworks or limitations.

We can help you create the perfect event or even a new metaverse if you:

Present your multi-level or complex products

Organize conferences, lectures, forums, concerts, and festivals

Hold non-standard and multi-functional corporate events

Want to create a new metaverse for personal or business use

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a virtual space that constantly works and allows people to build new social and business connections. This is a tangible embodiment of the future, available to anyone. Metaverses make people’s everyday lives full of emotions and experiences, allowing them to realize the value of digital reality and find their place in it.

The zMEET platform has it all and embodies it all. Here, the tools and spaces of unique Metaverses help to work, communicate, study, and build a career and have fun beyond the usual reality.

zMEET — meet the metaverse!

Ukraine’s first platform for mass online events in the metaverse. We help to create unique concerts, conference presentations, immerse hundreds and thousands of participants in them, and turn any event into an unforgettable experience.

By using zMEET you get:

  • Planet Mars, a tropical island, a cinema, a giant stage – any space imaginable for optimal optics for your event
  • classic, and physics-defying entertainment for guests
  • original 2D/3D-avatars with live expressions for the presenters, speakers and artists
  • an easy “teleport” and full immersion of participants in the event

“WHAT” the platform looks like.

A conference hall, an amusement park, a stage in a stadium, a tent surrounded by snowflakes …

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How the platform looks like

zMEET in numbers

Up to 50 thousand
visitors simultaneously

Almost 450 thousand m²
for entertainment

47 locations
and 2 islands

12 user functions
and 6 ready-to-use gamification

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Get a virtual 3D world with tools for gamification and full customization of your event!



A conference hall, a spring lawn with rides, a stage on a stadium, a tent surrounded by flakes of snow, a desert on Mars - your event can be held anywhere and at any time of the year, either in unusual or familiar scenery.



You can have your character as a 2D/3D avatar of your event as a speaker and presenter or anything from an astronaut to a Kraken. All avatars can be styled and branded - a pirate would look great with a bottle of rum emblazoned with your logo.
Participants can control their avatars and move around locations, chat by voice and text chat, take selfies and streams, dance, and express their emotions with the help of emotions.



Metaverse is the place for crazy ideas! You can gamify any part of the event on zMEET: organize quests, contests, games - arrange paintball, golf, snowball, scuba diving. Too cliché?
You're able to invent your own entertainment: steal cars, fly helicopters, rockets, turn off gravity, play squid game with the accounting department! The only limit is your imagination.



The platform is fully autonomous; therefore, it can create any event you want: conference, corporate, concert, lecture, presentation and more.
To enhance your event's WOW-effect and make it more unique, you can decorate it with the company logo. Branded areas and houses, photo and video booths, logos throughout the territory, or other company symbols - all of this will certainly get into the frames of visitors' selfies and stories and have an additional positive impact on the company image and PR.

Intuitive control

Intuitive control

In just a couple of minutes, participants of any age and user level can install the application and immerse themselves in the event. Detailed instructions allow everyone to become a confident user in just 5 minutes. Platform tools are intuitive and help communicate with other participants and have fun in the metaverse.

Staff and speaker training

Staff and speaker training

Our platform is supported on computers, laptops, tablets, Oculus virtual reality glasses, and mobile devices released over the past five years.
A pre-launch test day will show you what an unforgettable event awaits attendees. Get to know all the technical details before the launch, and the tech support team will be with you on the day of the event.

Access and security

Access and security

Unauthorized persons will not be able to get into your event. We create a database of email addresses in advance and give access only to registered and invited participants. We will collect, tally, and organize the data into clear statistics throughout your event and make it available for you.

Tens of thousands of visitors from more than 30 countries and employees of such companies have already visited the zMEET metaverse:

Philip Morris
З країни в Україну

zMEET Cases

Видео в разработке

DataArt, Company Birthday Celebration

15 speakers, 1500 participants

Event features: corporate entertainment on the ecomap of the company’s metaverse. Over two days the employees of the international company were taking knowledge tests of their company, playing paintball, and collecting various objects. All these activities influenced the map’s appearance, forming solar panels and making the world around them greener.

Visa, New Year corporate party

20 speakers, 1000 participants

Event features: New Year’s Eve celebration among colleagues from 16 countries was held using speakers’ holograms on the stage. Special mechanics were created to reward the best branches of the company in the metaverse.

Видео в разработке

Despro, a training program for territorial communities in Ukraine

6 speakers in the studio and more than 20 avatar speakers, 300 participants

Event features: for about 2.5 months, participants could enter one of the two training stream maps, study, take tests of different types, undergo training, solve problems, work independently and in teams. On the very last day of the training, all participants took a final test, followed by grants to communities to help develop decentralization in Ukraine.

The educational project “Discover Ukraine”

50+ speakers, 1200+ participants

The event features: a three-day educational project, where 120 teams from all over Ukraine shared their knowledge and experiences, listened to speakers, completed tasks, and enjoyed dancing to the performance of 10 different musical groups.

EBA, Annual General Membership Meeting

Streaming studio presentations by over 30 speakers, including ministers and U.S. senators, the head of the European Parliament, and Ukrainian state and public figures. 1000 participants

Event features: The meeting was attended by representatives of 59 countries, speakers, representatives of states, ministers, people in business and experts.

USAID, a new era forum “On the Frontiers

100+ speakers, 1000+ participants

Event features: a two-day forum in 7 simultaneous streams, where participants could listen to the speakers, visit partner locations, make new friends and enjoy the most popular Ukrainian music bands.

Ukrainian marketing forum (after party)

2 standup comedians and DJ set, 200+ participants

Event features: the first of its kind online after-party, attended by participants of the marketing forum.

Polpharma, POLPHARMA 100%

3 speakers for 3 audiences + live stream on the main stage, 200 participants

Event features: The Polish pharmaceutical company conducted training for its employees and announced new drugs. The company’s management also summed up the year and congratulated the team on the holidays during the event.

Data Art, New Year’s corporate event

15 participants and speakers hosted the live stream from the studio, 1000+ participants

Event features: Company employees celebrated the corporate event for two days. Participants entertained themselves with snowball games, quests, and sending postcards to each other.

How to start using zMeet

Choose one of the pre-packaged packages or use a special annual subscription to your metaverse.

Package 100

  • Map of the ready-made zMeet world*
  • Server with a capacity of up to 100 participants
  • Test day/training for staff and lecturers
  • Tech support

2 000 $

Package 500

  • Map of the ready-made zMeet world*
  • Server with a capacity of up to 1000 participants
  • 2 branding points
  • One concierge avatar branding
  • Test day/training for staff and lecturers
  • Tech support

4 500 $

Package 1000

  • Map of the ready-made zMeet world*
  • Server with a capacity of up to 1000 participants
  • 3 branding points
  • One concierge avatar branding
  • Test day/training for staff and lecturers
  • Tech support

7 000 $

Exclusive package

  • Individual map development according to the event demands
  • Development of unique indoor/outdoor locations
  • Servers support up to 50 000 visitors at a time
  • Development of personal avatars
  • Development of the exact copies of real people in the form of 3D avatars
  • Expansion of the metaverse functionality
  • Gamification of the metaverse: creating quests, animation, entertainment
  • Test day/Training of staff and lecturers
  • Call center

Individual price

Personal metaverse 365

Use the metaverse as a space to work and learn all year long. Create your unique locations, introduce entertainment, brand your best spots, use all the tools and services of the development team for a whole year!

  • Dedicated server for 365 days
  • Unique indoor/outdoor locations
  • Servers supporting up to 50,000 visitors at the same time
  • Personal avatar design
  • True-to-life personas in 3D avatars
  • Unlimited expansion of the metaverse functionality
  • Gamification of the metaverse: creating quests, animations, and entertainment
  • Test period/Training of staff and lecturers
  • Technical support assistance 24/7
  • Call center

Individual price

Request a consultation - we'll contact you and help you choose the right option!

    Why zMEET will be your best guide to virtual worlds

    Unique product

    Unique product

    The zMEET platform will make your event live and accessible "on the touch" and yet available in an online environment where you can turn off the laws of physics and show a new level of entertainment to your audience. This kind of metaverse can be used for several years, improve it and continue to amaze.

    Low system requirements

    Low system requirements

    Event organizers and participants can install the application in a few minutes and connect to the event on the go using a smartphone. A laptop, tablet, or PC that came out in the last 5 years will also work.

    Data Security

    Data Security

    We adhere to GDPR regulations, Privacy Policy clauses, service contracts, and your country's letter of law requirements to ensure the best platform experience possible.

    Notable clients

    Notable clients

    Engagements of varying complexity from IT companies, European organizations, global payment systems, advertising agencies, industrial corporations have refined our skills and validated our values.

    Experience in organizing events in the metaverse

    Experience in organizing events in the metaverse

    Since 2017, before creating ZMEET, along with the Z Lab team we helped organize and run outstanding events. At ZMEET we transform events into separate digital worlds beyond reality.

    Is Emotion in Virtual Worlds the new reality?

    The Z Lab team has been working in event organization and phygital projects since 2017. This is all a combination of creativity, innovative approaches in ideological and technical implementation, coordinated work of many designers, engineers and programmers. We are used to working with technically complex and diverse tasks that require a non-standard and individual approach.
    During the company's existence, we implemented hundreds of the most original, fantastic and unbelievable ideas of events; decorated them with interactive entertainment and ultramodern installations. Therefore we know firsthand how to give unforgettable emotions, surprise, and delight, and this incredible experience we have brought into our digital project. Now zMEET helps to turn events of any scale and direction into individual digital worlds beyond reality.



    Our platform is supported on computers, laptops, tablets, Oculus virtual reality glasses, and mobile devices released over the past five years.

    Do you want us to tell you and show you zMEET in its full glory or tell you about creating metaverses for business?

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